The Death of the Fax Machine

The Death of the Fax Machine

Not too long ago, companies lived and died by their fax machines. With the push of a button, documents could be sent in an instant anywhere in the world. It was the fastest form of document transfer at that time. Fax machines are still used by many businesses today, whether it’s sending a signed copy of a contract or communicating complex diagrams and hand-written notes. But it’s the 21st century; shouldn’t most work be completed on computers now? Are we not following the mantra of the digital age and trying to operate a paperless office? There shouldn’t be a need to still fax documents. However, many mature businesses continue their traditional practices in conducting business. Many suppliers require faxed, signed documents along with a copy of your business license. There are some suppliers who still prefer to accept orders via fax. Fortunately, the Internet has taken over this function.

Virtual Fax – The ‘New’ Fax Machine

Fax machines are obsolete. For all intents and purposes, they are dead.  You’re likely to find them at your neighbour’s garage sale. With an Internet connection, companies can integrate a Virtual Fax service allowing them to receive faxes directly in a specific user’s Inbox, making it easier to control the access of faxed documents. Another option is to prepare, print, scan and upload a document to be sent as an email. However, office administrators who work with paper documents understand how tedious and time consuming this process can be. Virtual Fax is much more efficient – nobody has time to waste.

How does Virtual Fax work?

Only requiring an Internet connection, Virtual Fax uses fax-to-email technology. When someone sends you a fax, the Virtual Fax solution relays the faxed document to you in the form of an email attachment. This technology gives you the ability to send, receive and check your fax archive wherever you are. Virtual Fax gives you the best of both worlds – the reliability of a fax machine and the speed of email.

OneConnect’s Virtual Fax technology provides businesses with the flexibility and versatility to have a mobile fax machine at your fingertips. Let’s be honest; the use of paper does not fit your vision of becoming a streamlined business. With online accessibility to all of your faxed documents, both incoming and outgoing, Virtual Fax ensures that you never lose an important fax again!