Are you still listening to Voicemails?

Are you still listening to Voicemails?

There are two types of phone users: people who leave voicemails and people who ignore voicemails.

According to Nick Bilton’s article in the New York Times, there are ground rules for digital etiquette that should be enforced in a world where we sleep with our smartphones and would rather hear the sound of punching keys on our BlackBerrys than someone’s voice. He argued that leaving a voicemail was ‘impolite’ because it wastes the receiver’s information retrieval time.  That same information could just as easily be conveyed via e-mail or text. As we spend more time on our phone, we spend less time using the actual calling function. The concept of voicemail doesn’t fit in today’s culture.

Who enjoys Voicemails?

You would do anything to erase the voicemail icon off of your home screen, except listening to voicemails. A voicemail requires some sort of action; no one wants to add that to an already busy day. If you’re going to ignore a call, why listen to their message? Why can’t they email you instead? We have been accustomed to reading at our own leisure by reading what we want, when we want to. While you can skim to relevant parts of an e-mail, listening to someone leave a slow voice message is incredibly frustrating.

How do we avoid them?

So what do you do? You may not want to be stuck listening to a full voice mailbox of messages, but you can always use a service that will send a sound file of the message and a transcription to your email inbox. That way, you can interact with voicemail in the same way you do with emails.

OneConnect’s unified communication solutions allows you to manage voicemails from your email inbox. When it comes to business communication, you want a customized solution that improves productivity and increases flexibility. If you’re stuck in front of a screen all-day, keep your communications in one place and searchable at all times, allowing you to maintain your relations with employees, family, and clients, no matter where they are.

Be the boss – designate your email to carry your voicemails and leave your phone out of this.