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Real Estate Communications Solutions

Whether you are a property owner, property manager, shared office space or real estate agent, OneConnect provides a variety of services to address your telecom needs and drive additional revenue for your real estate.

Reliable Communication

As a real estate agent or owner of an agency franchise, the need for reliable telecommunications is a must. OneConnect can provide Internet services to your offices including options for redundancy, guaranteeing the speed and up time that is needed to access important websites and portals when working on deals. Furthermore, via our Hosted PBX solution, we can provide each agent with a single number that can be set to route to a number of devices (like cell phone, home office, work office, etc..) or routed to an assistant to ensure the client can reach you no matter where you are. In the event that you cannot be reached, our Unified Voicemail platform will take a message and send you an email with the recorded voicemail straight to your smartphone.

One Click Management

If you are a property management company, OneConnect can deliver a fully featured portal used to help manage each of your properties.  OneConnect can embed a click to call feature allowing you to connect to a tenant by simply clicking on their contact details.   The tenant’s information is always kept confidential as their contact numbers do not need to be displayed.  Our application automatically connects the tenant to you with the click of a button.

Reduce Costs

As a property owner, you are faced with managing your own telecom costs, providing value added services and solutions to your tenants, as well as looking for ways to increase your revenue.  OneConnect has solutions that can help with all of this.  If your management office requires phone lines or internet services, we can provide a variety of solutions to deliver cost savings and increased functionality.  To add value to your tenants, we can help with the deployment of WiFi services in common areas.  And lastly, we have developed a solution allowing you, the property owner and landlord, to offer high speed internet services to your tenants – this can be included in their monthly rent or offered as an a la carte package.  This solution provides a better service to the tenant and additional revenue to you as the landlord.

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