Productivity = Paperless

Productivity = Paperless

There is no need for paper anymore. With letters and faxes turning into e-mails, bills turning into e-bills, and financial statements documented using software; physical copies of documents are too much of a hassle to deal with. Why? They produce clutter and are inconvenient for today’s mobile, working professional. To be productive in the digital age, you have to go paperless. This doesn’t mean eliminating all the paper around you, but making all your documents accessible wherever you are.

Paper takes up valuable employee time. In order to keep paper files organized, you need diligent and detail-oriented employees to dedicate time and resources to doing the filing. And this means they either aren’t spending time on more important tasks, or that you may have to hire another body to keep on top of the mounds of physical documents.

Paper adds expenses. It’s not just the price of paper and ink itself, but also cabinets, file folders and labels to go with them.

Sensitive documents on paper can be more vulnerable. In many cases, it’s a lot easier to steal a paper document than it is a digital file, and it’s also easier for paper documents to be toast in the event of a disaster like a fire or flood. According to The Paperless Project, more than 70 per cent of today’s businesses would outright fail in less than a month’s time if they lost important records in such a disaster.

Get into the habit of scanning documents to your computer, paying bills online, and staying away from your printer! Move to the cloud and discover the perfect way to share files and keep them with you wherever you go without printing a single page.   Isn’t it time you get more productive?