Medical Communications

OneConnect has been servicing the medical industry by delivering day to day communications services for doctor’s offices, clinics and medical facilities with strict data transmission requirements.


Solutions Doctors Depend On

If you are a doctor or part of a family health team looking to obtain Voice and Internet service, OneConnect has the solutions and experience you need.  We can deploy individual connections for use by independent doctor’s offices or cater to shared office environments in need of shared Internet and voice services.

Securely Transfer Data

OneConnect has designed and deployed networks allowing for medical facilities to be interconnected and seamlessly transfer large image data.  This network can be extended to the doctor’s homes, allowing them to assess patient images and data from the comfort of their home office.  If your practice requires high bandwidth or secure connections, contact OneConnect to provide you with a design and assessment based on our current customer experience.

Your patients trust you for your expert medical advice, trust us for our communications expertise!

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