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Focus On Your Business

Communication is crucial for any business to succeed. OneConnect’s Hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) product can help you continue to maintain strong relationships with your clients by offering a fully managed, hosted voice over IP solution with state of the art cloud-based features. This ultimate enterprise-grade VoIP phone system for your business, combines outstanding quality with large-scale phone features that can help your company save time and money with none of the large-scale worries or costs. By taking care of managing carriers, hardware maintenance and vendors, OneConnect ensures you can focus on your business needs.

No More Downtime

Everyone talks about cloud, but what can a cloud PBX system do for your business?  We know your business can’t afford to be down because of  missed calls due to outages. A hosted or cloud PBX system offers the benefits of redundancy and geographic diversity since all of our equipment is hosted in our diverse and reliable data centers.  For you, this means your business keeps running smoothly regardless of what happens at your physical location and your customers will always be able to reach you.

VoIP Phone Service System Diagram

VoIP Benefits


Allow remote workers and sales to feel like they’ve never left the office.


Reduce your total cost of ownership and finally have a predictable monthly fee.


Voice packages and pricing to meet your business needs.


Enjoy built-in disaster recovery/business continuity features with a superior network architecture.


Crystal clear voice with advanced unified communications features.


Add users and services at any time. No need to purchase new cards for your PBX.


Follows you everywhere you go. Never miss a call!


No hardware to maintain.

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