Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Collaboration and Mobility

Enjoy the reliable email collaboration tools and mobility support that larger enterprises have without the costs! OneConnect’s Hosted Exchange services provide easy to use admin tools, industry leading virus protection and spam blocking all for one low monthly fee. In today’s business environment email is critical and you need to be in contact with your customers, suppliers and colleagues no matter where you are.  We understand that smaller companies trying to find answers to their messaging and collaboration needs usually resort to solutions that don’t always work as they should. OneConnect takes the hassle and risk out of running an email system for you, and we have the experience needed to run an outstanding operation.

Expand your capabilities with a Hosted Exchange service package from OneConnect. Time saving features include shared calendars, ability to work offline and send/receive email when you reconnect, checking email from any internet connection through Outlook Web Access (OWA) and accessing email quickly since all information is stored centrally on the server.

Your organization can enjoy the following benefits from our solution.


We house our infrastructure in the most sophisticated data centers on the market allowing for no more than 0.4 hours downtime per year! All centers have redundant systems for power and cooling, backup generators and enough fuel to run for several days. Enjoy the reliability of a large enterprise with our state-of-the-art environment.


Enjoy the experience of wireless integration to email without the need to invest in any infrastructure. Stay in contact with your customers, suppliers, and colleagues while on the go. Our integrated environment ensures that your mail, calendar and important information are synced with your smartphone so you’ll never be overbooked, out of date or out of touch.


OneConnect offers an intuitive user interface that eliminates the need to know how to configure and set up an Exchange environment; our tool does it for you. This allows even the least technical person in the organization to support your email users. Highlights include a fully integrated environment, spam preferences, security options, address profiles, adding or deleting accounts, changing accounts, wireless email option, and the import tool.


This security solution ensures that seven anti viruses screen every email to ensure that it is threat free. Reduce unwanted spam costs and make your staff more efficient by freeing them to work on your business rather than spam. Choose to manage your spam with simple options including a summary email, a folder in outlook client, or through the Customer Center.


By seasoned Microsoft Gold Certified staff.


Eliminate virus threats and protect your company.


Eradicate 99.9% of spam before it reaches your mailbox.


Run your business operations from anywhere with a wireless option available.


OneConnect manages everything for you.


Intuitive admin tools allowing even non-technical staff to take over email administration.

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