Event Conferencing

Event Conferencing

Perfect Execution

Large company meetings, townhall events, webinars and board meetings must be executed flawlessly. Special attention and planning must be performed ahead of time to ensure everything goes smoothly.  OneConnect provides a full-service alternative to doing everything yourself. OneConnect’s Event Conferencing service will facilitate by managing your conference call from start to finish. Our dedicated operators ensure every conference call starts when you are ready.

Manage your conference services independently or take advantage of additional help with an operator-assisted call. Our reservationless event conferencing allows a moderator to initiate a conference call at any time using the same set of moderator and guest IDs each time. Simply provide your participants with your local or toll-free conferencing number, passcode, and OneConnect weblite or webpro URL to start a conference.

Event Conferencing rates will be consolidated on your OneConnect bill – only billed on usage with no monthly fees.


Participant registration.


Free recordings.


Pre-conference prep with operator.


Auxiliary communication line.


Custom operator scripting.


Transcription service.


Question & answer session.


Conduct polls.

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