Business Lines

Business Phone Lines

Feature Rich Local Business Phone Lines

OneConnect’s basic business phone line can be layered with additional features depending on your organization’s specific communication needs. We offer reliable and affordable voice services that support legacy business phone lines to help you migrate to IP based technologies when the timing is right for you.  Whether you need a main line, point of sale or fax line, we can provide it to you in a cost-effective manner, with excellent call quality.

Our traditional analog line solutions provides features such as:

  • 911
  • 411 assistance
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Voice mail

Reliable Trunk Lines and PRIs

OneConnect’s Business Trunks provide unlimited two way connectivity between a PBX or Key System to the PSTN via analog with the same variety of calling features as seen with a traditional Business Line. Call hunting and instant scalability makes this local line service a reliable option. Our Primary Rate Interface (PRI) solution allows you to bundle up to 23 lines, all with their own number and calling features. Replacing multiple lines with this reliable interface leverages your PBX technology and adds up to big savings on your monthly phone bills!


Feature rich lines.


Cross Canada coverage from one provider on one bill.


Keep your existing numbers.


Save more on your monthly phone line costs.


Clear and reliable voice connections.


Keep your business running – no downtime during the switch over.

Discover the crystal clear quality of OneConnect Business Lines Today!

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